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SwiftWire™ free and instant interest rate estimation tool for unlimited, no obligation usage. Know your costs up front based on your personal credit score.

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Free loan payment schedule estimates you can use on an unlimited basis with no obligation. Learn what you would repay on your loan every month and year.

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Orginal creators of the breakthrough SwiftWire™ loan processing system for secure, fast loan approvals, servicing all credit score types.

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SwiftWire™ is a San Francisco-based company, launched in 2005. Our first contribution to the lending industry was our software designs for lender risk analysis and application processing. In 2012 we expanded our technology to include borrower estimation tools using survey data. We now provide SwiftWire™ lending solutions to consumers directly.

what we do

The SwiftWire™ lending system provides borrowers and lenders with a seamless online loan application and processing solution in the continental United States. Our system simplifies the application and funding process for all parties concerned, which results in a faster, more enjoyable user experience.

how we do it

Our patented SwiftWire™ lending platform is a local-national hybrid solution that connects  borrowers and lenders in their local communities, while at the same time providing a national lending solution for applicants struggling to get approved.

why choose us

The SwiftWire™ lending system is special due to it’s unique “hyper-routing” servers, advanced security, lender screening processes, and transparent estimation tools.

what about bad credit

We serve people with a wide range of credit score and credit history. If you have a low credit score you will have a high rate naturally, and we provide your local credit repair specialists and personal financial assistance offices in your city’s specific page.

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testimonials for June 07, 2023


Lamont W … Scranton OH

I had emergency surgery done on my back and at the time I didn’t have enough in savings to cover it. Thanks to your fast service I was approved quickly. Thanks!!!


Sherry J … Seattle WA

I needed to do a flash renovation on our house and I found this loan website so I gave it a try. I like that my credit score wasn’t affected by applying for my loan and I was approved in 48 hours!


Kevin L … Denver CO

We had a great idea for a small business and the local banks wouldn’t help us with startup funds. We used your service and had the seed money we needed with three days. Thank you Swift wire!!

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