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A powerful tool free of charge to all visitors residing in Frisco TX and surrounding areas of Collin County. No sign up required.

payment schedule estimates

Use the SwiftWire™ payment schedule estimation tool, available free of charge for unlimited use, no oligation, no emails, no hassles.

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Orginal creators of the ground breaking SwiftWire™ loan processing system for secure, fast loan approvals, servicing all credit score types.

Get a personal loan in Frisco TX

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for Frisco residents

If you live in Frisco or the surrounding areas of Collin County, and have been struggling to get approved for a personal loan, you’ve come to the right place. Finding you a loan approval is what we excel at.

+ local personal loans

Although the SwiftWire™ lending system provides a seamless conduit between Frisco residents and nation wide online lenders, this page also provides you with easy access to your local providers.

what we do

Our patented SwiftWire™ lending platform is a local-national hybrid solution that connects  borrowers and lenders in their local communities (in your case the Frisco Texas area), while at the same time providing a national lending solution for applicants struggling to get approved.

why choose us

The SwiftWire™ lending system is special due to it’s unique “hyper-routing” servers, advanced security, lender screening processes, and transparent estimation tools.

bad credit OK

If you have a poor credit rating, you may still get approved for a personal loan based on your very recent credit history, and a steady income. Keep in mind that applying on the SwiftWire™ website does not negatively affect your credit score.

how it works

1.) enter zip and score

When you’re ready to apply for your personal loan, enter your Frisco area zip code and your credit score (to the best of your knowledge) on the SwiftWire™ application start form. This tells our system what area of Collin County you reside in and starts the matching process.

2.) payment schedule

With your estimated interest (APR) from step one, use our payment schedule estimation tool. This will estimate your monthly payments and total APR (true cost) over the term of your personal loan. While you’re doing that, our system is rapidly gathering local solutions in your area.

3.) submit your app

After you’ve run your APR estimation you will be provided with tabs to your application forms. The  SwiftWire™ system chooses the the correct forms based on your credit score, your stated Frisco area location, and your IP address.

word on the wire, February 03, 2023

Dennis P … Lubbock TX

We really needed to get a quick infusion of cash for an emergency situation, and the Swiftwire service was a faster option for getting the funds. Highly recommended service for sure.


Sherry J … Seattle WA

I needed to do a flash renovation on our house and I found this loan website so I gave it a try. I like that my credit score wasn’t affected by applying for my loan and I was approved in 48 hours!


Kevin L … Denver CO

We had a great idea for a small business and the local banks wouldn’t help us with startup funds. We used your service and had the seed money we needed with three days. Thank you Swift wire!!

just researching today?

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1 years10 years
Your repayments are yearly at a rate of .
Total you will Pay:

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how long for loan approval?

The SwiftWire™ lending system matches Frisco TX lenders and national online lenders with borrowers. We thoroughly vet all lenders, especially for their user experience and speed of loan processing, but their funding speed can vary depending on demand. On average for personal loans less than $5000 it takes 1 to 3 days depending on whether or not the applicant has all their documents readibly available. It can be longer for larger loans such as $10000 or more.

what documents will I need to have ready?

Depending on the lender, and your unique situation, you will need some of the documents listed below:

Texas driver’s license
Texas identification
passport info
certificate of citizenship
birth certificate
military ID
income proof (pay stubs, SS stubs)
recent returns
W-2s and 1099s
bank statements
Frisco TX-based employer contact info

is a long term steady job required for a loan?

You can be approved without a job if you have some kind of steady income, and proof of said income. You can apply for a loan on our website without damaging your credit score because we do not carry out soft or hard credit history pulls.

do you except bad credit apps?

We serve people with a wide range of credit scores and credit histories in Collin County. If you have a low credit score you will have a higher rate. On this page we provide local Frisco credit repair resources to help.

are you associated with the Frisco orgs?

SwiftWire™ may have a business relationship with some of your Frisco area lenders. Regardless of these relationships, your costs are not affected up or down. Rest assured, we do not recommend any lender based on what we may, or may not gain in compensation. To learn more about our compensation from third-party company websites, please read over our disclosures and disclaimers page.

are there SwiftWire™ offices located in Frisco?

No. Our head offices are located in San Francisco as we operate a lender/borrower matching system for applicants nation wide. We are familiar with the lenders in your area, their existence, their policies, their ownership, their licensing, and their service(s). We only connect you with one of these Frisco-based providers if the information you submit shows you may be an ideal match for their service.

why should I use SwiftWire™?

We serve people with a wide range of credit scores and credit histories in Collin County, our system of loan processing is highly secure, fast, and streamlined. Which means far less hassle for you.

what happens if I miss a payment on my loan?

We are not the actual lender, so that would all be up to whomever your loan is with. We suggest that if you know you will be missing a payment, contact your lender and let them know. Every lender has slightly different policies on the books in regards to default. You should contact them to get the full details.

is SwiftWire™ owned by one of the major banks in the United States?

No. We are a private company and we are not owned by any large US banking institution or credit union.

Today’s special note for Frisco Texas visitors on Feb 03 2023

Lender Red Flag #3 – They claim you’ll have a “super-duper” low rate

Let’s face it. You know what your credit score and credit history are. Well, if you don’t know exactly, you have a pretty good idea. So, when a lender offers you an interest rate far below what all the other lenders quoted you, it might be time to start questioning their legitimacy.

Shady lenders often promise their prospects (prey) a “too good to be true” low interest rate, and after the borrower (rube) takes the bait and signs the contract they soon regret it. These lenders will have a whole lot of fine print in their contracts that sneak in balloon payments, unreasonable closing and/or opening fees, and time limited rates; rates that all of a sudden jump 5 points after a a set time period.

Always make sure you get a quote on the true APR on the loan. The true APR (annual percentage rate) takes in to account all fees, and total interest costs for the entire term. For a real-world APR estimate you can use our free APR estimation tool that pulls data from thousands of other borrowers with a credit score close to yours. This gives a good idea of what your actual costs might be for the entire loan term.

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Local Frisco TX services

Not paid advertisments. SwiftWire™ does not recieve compensation from any of the local Frisco providers included in this section.

These credit counseling offices are located in, or near Frisco TX and they may be just what you need to get your financial house in order again. Use this custom search parameter for credit counseling professionals in Frisco. 

Credit repair services aren’t the same as credit counseling services. Credit repair providers help get your credit history cleaned up. Use this custom search parameter for credit repair providers in Frisco. 

Your local credit unions often provide a better service than the major bank branches. They’re more tied to your community and can offer a more personable service. They’re always worth checking out before trying a national lending solution. Besides, it’s great to help out your local community by supporting local business. Use this custom search parameter for credit unions in Frisco. 

Financial planning isn’t just for rich people who need advice on what to do with all their money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, some of the richest people in our society were smart enough to use a financial planner when they had very little money, and that’s the reason they’re so comfortable now. Use this custom search parameter for financial planners near Frisco. 

Debt counseling is a different animal than “credit counseling” although professionals in these fields cross over into the other at times. A debt counselor can advice you on your next best course of action if you’re drowning in debt. Use this custom search parameter for credit unions in Frisco. 

If you’re really struggling and can’t make ends meet, don’t be too proud to reach out for help from people serving Frisco residents in need. Use this custom search parameter for financial aid in Frisco. 

There’s an old saying that goes, “It’s not what you make… it’s what your spend”. However, sometimes it’s not what we spend, it’s what we make. If you’re doing everything right in the budget arena, but you’re just not earning enough income, don’t be afraid to go ahead and get a higher paying job. Use this custom search parameter for job opportunities in, or near Frisco. 

In line with increasing your income, you may need to upgrade your education in order to get a better paying job. Use this custom search parameter for education upgrades in Frisco. 

Dealing with money issues can cause a lot of unhealthy stress. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night because of money concerns and you find your suffering from anxiety and depression, don’t be too proud to reach out to a specialist in the Use this custom search parameter browse stress management professionals in an around Frisco. 

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